Stephan Heikezer

Corporate director

The main objective of corporate director – effective interaction with key customers and market participants.


  • Interaction with key partners
  • Formation of image of the company
  • Public relations
  • Control of strategic objectives


Straße 30,
Stuttgart, Germany
Interaction with key partners
Formation of image of the company
Public relations
Control of strategic objectives
Organisational documents
ADAMAS Corp. a large international company with large industrial and commercial opportunities.

I was entrusted with the important role of the company’s representative for key partners and customers. From my work depends on many things, and especially this opinion and reputation.

Our team of professionals has about 2730 professionals. Take a look at the best of them! Each of them behind an impressive experience. These people are doing everything quickly, accurately and with high quality. Team members are regularly held specialized training courses, so their preparation is not in doubt. Extensive experience allows our experts to help you in any situation.

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