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Rose-V Composition

Rose V is a special health drink for women and very useful to help the problem of whiteness, help maintain health, beauty and suitable to add happiness for couples. This special women’s health drink is processed with herbal ingredients that are efficacious for the health of feminine areas.

Benefits & Savor Rose-V

The fruit of manjakani in Rose V is believed to have so great a property when consumed by the women. With good ingredients, such as carbohydrates, vitamin C, vitamin A, antioxidants, plant acid, fiber, calcium, tannins, iron and protein, the fruit derived from majakani tree is working effectively in maintaining body health.

Side effects

Have you realized that the health of the feminine area is important to safeguard? Although the location is hidden, does not mean not getting extra attention. Women should maintain good health of intimate organs. For women the cleanliness of sex organs should be maintained. The presence of bacteria and germs can cause dangerous diseases in this feminine area.


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  • Cervical Cancer (cervix)
    • Indonesia became the country with the highest number of cases of cervical cancer in the world
    • 15,000 cases of cervical cancer (cervix) are found in Indonesia
  • Divorce Because of Couples Dissatisfaction
    • During the period 2005 to 2010 there was an increase in divorce up to 70%
    • factors of disharmony as many as 91,841 cases, no responsibility 78,407 cases, and economic problems 67,891 cases (BADILAG Supreme Court)
  • Whitish (Mushroom Infection) Whitish or Fluor Albus is a vaginal secretion in women. Whitish can basically be classified into two groups of normal whiteness (physiological) and abnormal whiteness (pathological). physiological whiteness is a whitish that usually occurs every month, usually appear before menstruation or after menstruation or fertile period. Pathological vaginal discharge can be caused by an infection usually accompanied by an itching inside the vagina and around the outer vaginal lips. Which often lead to whiteness include bacteria, viruses, fungi or also parasites. This infection can spread and cause inflammation into the urethra, causing pain when the patient urinates.
    • 75% of women in the World have ever experienced vaginal discharge
    • 75% of Indonesian women have experienced vaginal discharge min. 1 time in his life and 45% of them can experience vaginal discharge twice or more (BKKBN, 2009)
  • Miss-V Slack No Longer Again
    • “A loose vagina is a health disorder often found in women may have a negative impact on the sex life of both partners.” (Dr. Easton Patrick USA)

Do You Know?

Whitish can occur due to many things. Foreign bodies, vaginal injuries, environmental impurities, unclean water, use of sanitary napkins or panty liners. All of this potential brings fungi, bacteria, viruses, and parasites.

If untreated until complete, infection in the vagina will spread to various places. Germs easily infiltrate and cause advanced infections in the uterine cavity and fallopian tubes. This makes the fluid in both places excessive and sagging in the ovaries. Causes sperm difficult to meet with eggs. If this happens protracted, the couple will be difficult to have offspring. or indirectly make women become barren.

From several studies in Indonesia, many women contracting whitish fungus from public toilet, either scoop, bathtub, or water ceboknya, mostly contaminated with candida mushrooms. This is the same in boarding houses, detention houses, and other public places.

To Prevent it :

  • Use cotton underwear, and avoid wearing underwear while sleeping.
  • Get used to clean the vagina from front to back, this is to prevent bacteria from the rectum into the vagina.
  • Avoid the use of tight pants for long periods, especially jeans / denim.
  • Frequently replace pads when menstruation / menstruation to avoid miss v becomes excess moist.

Rose-V has been registered in the Indonesian Food and Drug Supervisory Agency

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